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Seeking an annulment in Las Vegas, Nevada? Burton & Reardon Law understands the complexities of annulment cases, whether you and your spouse are in agreement, filing a contested annulment, or defending against one. Las Vegas is known for its quick marriages, often regretted later due to impulsive decisions or external influences. As a result, annulments have become a common legal process in the city. 

Understanding Annulments:  
Unlike divorce, which addresses issues arising after a marriage, annulment focuses on defects in the marital relationship that existed at the time of its formation. When a marriage is annulled, the parties regain their legal rights and responsibilities as they were before the marriage occurred. This legal dissolution is based on specific circumstances defined by Nevada statutes. 

Jurisdiction in Nevada:  
Nevada has the jurisdiction to grant an annulment for couples married in the state or when one or both parties are Nevada residents. It’s important to note that obtaining a divorce in Nevada solely because of a marriage in the state is not possible. 

Legal Grounds for Annulment:  
Nevada law provides specific situations in which an annulment can be obtained. These situations are governed by the following statutes: 

  1. NRS 125.330 – Cause for annulment: Want of understanding. 
  2. NRS 125.340 – Cause for annulment: Fraud. 
  3. NRS 125.350 – Cause for annulment: Grounds for declaring contract void in equity. 

      Navigating the Court Process:  
      To initiate an annulment, one party files a complaint and serves it on the other party, who then has 20 days to respond. Subsequently, a case management conference is scheduled to address pending issues and set the case for trial. Both parties can begin the discovery process after 30 days of serving the complaint, gathering information and preparing for trial. The court will make a decision to grant or deny the annulment request, which can be combined with a divorce case or treated separately. If the court denies the annulment and a divorce has been requested, the court may grant the divorce. 

      Reaching an Agreement: 
      In many cases, the Clark County Courts grant annulments when both parties agree on the necessary elements. If you need assistance in negotiating or finalizing an agreement, Burton & Reardon Law Firm can provide valuable support to ensure the proper completion of paperwork. 

      Experienced Attorneys by Your Side:  
      Burton & Reardon Law Firm boasts a team of experienced family law attorneys proficient in handling annulment cases. If you’re seeking an annulment in the Las Vegas, NV area, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable attorneys. Call our office at 702-213-0303 to take the first step towards resolving your annulment matter.