Family Law

Child Custody Relocation

Burton & Reardon is a trusted law firm that specializes in assisting parents with initial and post-decree requests for relocating their minor child(ren) to another state. Whether you’re seeking to relocate your child or need to defend against a relocation request, our team at Burton & Reardon is here to provide expert legal support. 

Relocating a minor child out of Nevada requires written permission from the other parent or a court order. To ensure compliance with the legal standard, we offer our extensive knowledge of the relevant statutes, including NRS 125C.006 and NRS 125C.0065, which outline the consent required from noncustodial and non-relocating parents for child relocation. 

When petitioning the court for permission to relocate, certain factors must be considered. These include demonstrating a sensible, good-faith reason for the move that does not aim to deprive the non-relocating parent of their parenting time. It is also crucial to show that the relocation serves the best interests of the child and provides an actual advantage for both the child and the relocating parent. 

The court will weigh various factors to determine whether to grant permission to relocate, such as the potential improvement in the child’s quality of life, the honorable motives of both parents, the ability to comply with substitute visitation orders, and the realistic opportunity for the non-relocating parent to maintain a visitation schedule that fosters the parental relationship. 

Navigating the court process for child relocation involves evidentiary hearings and presenting compelling arguments. Our skilled attorneys at Burton & Reardon can assist you throughout the process, from drafting motions and oppositions to representing your interests in evidentiary hearings. 

Reaching an agreement between parents is often the ideal scenario for child relocation. We can help facilitate negotiations and ensure that all necessary documentation, including parenting plans and stipulations, is properly prepared, signed by a judge, and filed with the court. This meticulous approach minimizes the risk of future disputes and protects the rights of all parties involved, especially the children. 

With Burton & Reardon by your side, you can trust that our experienced attorneys are well-versed in family law matters, including child custody and relocation. If you require the expertise of a child custody lawyer in the Las Vegas, NV area, contact our office at 702-213-0303 to schedule a confidential consultation. We are dedicated to providing you with compassionate representation and achieving the best outcome for your child relocation case.