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Child Custody Modification

Burton & Reardon is a highly regarded Las Vegas child custody modification law firm, specializing in representing parents seeking post-decree modifications to child custody rulings. If you’re a parent looking to modify a custody agreement or defend against a motion for modification, our experienced child custody modification attorneys can provide the necessary expertise and support. 

Nevada has specific laws governing child custody modifications, and it’s essential to understand the legal standards involved. According to the Ellis v. Carucci case, the primary consideration of the Nevada District Court in determining custody is the best interest of the child. Factors such as the child’s physical and emotional needs are taken into account, and modifications to custody orders are not granted lightly. 

When pursuing a modification, the parent requesting the change must meet two conditions: a significant change in the child’s welfare and the modification serving the child’s best interest. Typically, an evidentiary hearing is conducted by the court, unless both parents reach an agreement on the modification. Our skilled custody modification lawyers at Burton & Reardon can guide you through every stage of the modification process, providing expert legal representation. 

If you and the other parent are in agreement regarding the modification, it’s crucial to document the changes and file them with the court. Failing to do so may lead to potential disputes in the future. Our law firm can assist in reaching an agreement and ensure the necessary paperwork is completed correctly and submitted to the court, protecting everyone involved, especially the children. 

In cases where parents have conflicting views on custody modifications, a different procedure applies. The parent seeking the modification must file a motion, demonstrating that it is in the best interest of the children. Our experienced attorneys can provide the necessary legal assistance, presenting your case effectively to the court. Factors considered in custody modifications include the child’s preference (if 14 or older), the ability of parents to maintain a working relationship, the level of conflict, the child’s developmental needs, and the presence of any abuse or domestic violence. 

At Burton & Reardon, our dedicated attorneys are here to support you throughout the custody modification process. We understand the importance of protecting your children’s best interests and are prepared to provide skilled and compassionate representation. Whether you need assistance in reviewing an agreement, representing you in court, or contesting a child custody modification, contact Burton & Reardon today at 702-213-0303 to schedule a confidential appointment with one of our experienced Las Vegas child custody modification lawyers.