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Prenuptial Agreements

If you or your prospective spouse are in need of a Las Vegas premarital agreement attorney to draft your prenuptial agreement, please contact Burton & Reardon at 702-213-0303 to schedule an appointment. Having a prenuptial agreement drafted by an experienced attorney can potentially save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in the future. Burton & Reardon regularly writes prenuptial agreements for our clients. 

What is a prenuptial agreement? 
A prenuptial agreement, also known as a “prenup,” is a written contract created before marriage that defines each spouse’s financial rights and responsibilities during the marriage. It outlines the property owned by each party and typically specifies the property rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce. 

By clearly defining the ownership of assets and post-marital rights, a prenuptial agreement can help couples avoid future disputes if their marriage ends in divorce. It establishes how the parties will divide property, separate and distribute estates, retirement accounts, trusts, and debts, protecting each spouse financially and fostering a well-informed and healthy outlook for newly married couples. 

Burton & Reardon recommends the following for a prenuptial agreement: 

  1. Both parties should fully execute the agreement at least 30 days before their marriage. 
  2. Both parties should obtain an attorney’s signature certifying that the lawyers have explained the prenuptial agreement to their clients, ensuring mutual understanding. 
  3. The agreement should include a comprehensive list of both parties’ assets and debts. 

      Prenuptial agreements in Nevada 
      A prenuptial agreement addresses a couple’s specific wishes for property distribution in the event of a divorce. While historically prenups have faced some negative perception, legally, they serve as preventive measures to protect individuals’ assets. 

      Attempting to draft a prenuptial agreement on your own can put your assets at risk. It is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced Las Vegas prenuptial attorney from Burton & Reardon to mitigate that risk. Our skilled lawyers can help protect your money, property, retirement funds, and your children’s inheritance in the event of a divorce. 

      Under the Nevada Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, a prenuptial agreement can cover the following: 

      • Defining joint assets acquired during the marriage 
      • Acquiring rights, interest, or community property 
      • Modifying alimony or spousal maintenance 
      • Debts accumulated by each party before marrying 
      • Gifts, marital residence, or alimony received while married 
      • Creating wills, trusts, or other financial arrangements while married 
      • Considering changes in separate property, including proceeds, awards, earnings, or profits 

        While Las Vegas is known for quick and easy weddings, the State of Nevada treats marriage and divorce seriously. All prenuptial agreements must be written, signed by both parties, and become enforceable immediately upon marrying. 

        Seek help from a Las Vegas prenup law firm 
        If you need assistance in drafting a prenuptial agreement, turn to Burton & Reardon for our knowledge and experience. We can also provide representation during your divorce to ensure proper enforcement of your prenuptial agreement. Our firm understands the impact of the legal system on you and your family during a divorce, and we handle all cases with empathy and dignity. We strive for quick, productive, and satisfactory outcomes, both in and out of court, should any issues arise with your prenuptial agreement. 

        Prenuptial agreements have benefits for couples of any age and financial situation. They protect your assets and enable you to maintain your lifestyle and financial security in the event of a divorce. Lack of a prenuptial agreement drafted by an experienced attorney could result in serious and unfavorable financial consequences if your marriage does not last. 

        During an initial consultation with Burton & Reardon, we will address the following questions and any others you may have: 

        • How can a prenup protect my current and future assets? 
        • Do my business and home become community property after marrying? 
        • Why is it necessary to have a prenuptial agreement done correctly with all the formalities? 

        If you are considering marriage or entering into a domestic partnership agreement, now is the time to discuss how you will handle these and other issues. Working with a qualified and experienced Las Vegas prenuptial attorney is essential. 

        Prenup attorneys are well-versed in the financial and legal aspects of these agreements. They will help you draft a premarital agreement that reflects your goals, values, and protects your assets according to your wishes. 

        The Las Vegas prenuptial agreement attorneys at Burton & Reardon have extensive experience in drafting fair and reasonable prenups. Our lawyers work with you to protect your assets and ensure that your agreement is accepted by the court. Schedule a consultation with a Vegas prenup lawyer today! 

        Protect your finances and your children 
        When a couple enters a marriage, they typically own separate properties. Throughout the marriage, they often acquire marital property together. Under Nevada’s community property law, each partner in the union has equal ownership rights. A prenuptial agreement allows the parties to opt-out of this law and choose how they divide their marital property in the event of a divorce. 

        Given that a significant portion of marriages in the US end in divorce, prenuptial agreements are integral to marital planning and protecting your financial security. They can help you avoid a prolonged and expensive divorce, making them particularly essential for high net-worth individuals, business owners, people entering second marriages, and those with children from previous relationships. A Las Vegas premarital agreement attorney from Burton & Reardon can assist you in drafting your prenup. 

        Choose an experienced Las Vegas prenup lawyer 
        The details matter when it comes to a sound prenuptial agreement. An improperly drafted agreement or one that fails to consider a couple’s unique circumstances can be deemed invalid by the court, leading to costly consequences for both parties. 

        At Burton & Reardon, our qualified Las Vegas prenuptial agreement attorneys pay meticulous attention to detail. We work closely with you to understand your situation, explain available options, and gather and review your vital background and financial information. Throughout the prenup drafting process, we strive to achieve your objectives. 

        Experienced attorneys by your side 
        The family law attorneys at Burton & Reardon are highly experienced and skilled in handling all family law-related matters, including prenuptial agreement preparation. When planning your wedding, it is crucial to prioritize drafting a legally accurate prenup. 

        Individuals entering a second marriage or possessing high net-worth often have assets they want to protect—for their own future or their children’s. A prenuptial agreement allows you to define the assets that are yours, your future spouse’s, and how to manage community property acquired during the marriage. 

        Selecting a skilled Las Vegas prenuptial agreement law firm is vital, and Burton & Reardon has been helping clients prepare legally sound and binding prenuptial agreements since 2003. Our Las Vegas prenup attorneys patiently work with you to capture all your financial details and draft an agreement that safeguards your interests. 

        Contact a premier Las Vegas prenup law firm, Burton & Reardon, today to schedule a confidential and free consultation with a qualified Las Vegas prenuptial agreement lawyer. This step is essential for anyone with assets considering marriage. Learn more about how you can fully protect your wealth, property, personal investments, and other assets. 

        Our attorneys will work with you to create a prenuptial agreement that protects your high net-worth assets in the event of a divorce. Your future net worth is worth the time you take upfront to draft a legal contract to safeguard it. Call Burton & Reardon today at 702-213-0303 and speak with a qualified Las Vegas prenuptial agreement lawyer.