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Father’s Rights

Debunking the Myth: Father’s Rights in Child Custody 

It is time to dispel the common myth surrounding father’s custody rights. In the past, courts and states often favored mothers when it came to child custody, leaving fathers with limited visitation rights. However, Nevada law has progressed significantly, with a clear preference for joint physical custody and without bias based solely on gender. At Burton & Reardon, we have successfully represented numerous fathers in divorce and custody proceedings, debunking these misconceptions and ensuring fair outcomes. 

Maximizing Father’s Custody Rights: 
If you are a father who desires an active role in your child’s life but have been deterred by the prevailing myth of father’s rights being disregarded, it’s crucial to seek a legal consultation. Our law firm offers personalized attention from experienced attorneys who will assess your situation and inform you of your rights. You can rest assured that you will speak directly to an attorney, not a paralegal service, gaining insights into the extent of your custody rights and how best to maximize them. 

Experienced Attorneys by Your Side:  
At Burton & Reardon, our legal team specializes in family law matters, including advocating for father’s rights in child custody cases. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of Nevada’s custody laws, we have achieved favorable outcomes, securing joint, sole, or primary custody for fathers in numerous cases. Our dedication to our clients and commitment to upholding the law enable us to challenge the outdated beliefs surrounding father’s rights. 

Schedule a Consultation: 
If you are ready to take a proactive approach in safeguarding your father’s rights and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your child, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced family lawyers in Las Vegas, NV. Contact our office at 702-213-0303 to arrange a meeting and gain valuable legal insights tailored to your unique circumstances.